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Watercolour Workshops

One day courses with Joe Francis Dowden, held on Saturdays.

(Itinerary also published on Events page)

Book now by phoning 01903 237096 / 0788 799 8499 Or email here - joe@joedowden.com

  • All abilities are catered for
  • There are printed workshop notes
  • Easy to follow one step at a time demonstrations
  • One to one teaching
  • Special hints, tips & insights
  • A good quality image to work from

Painting by Tony White - Click for Larger Version

If you want to paint for the first time or develop your ability, or if you have felt discouraged in the past, this is probably one of your best opportunities to learn to produce beautiful paintings in watercolour. These watercolour classes are “stand alone” – each one aims to help you produce a complete painting in one day. Any one of these classes can give you techniques to use in all your paintings. Choose which you would like to do – numbers are limited so they are subject to availability. Look at the “past events” tab under “events” on this website, or click here to see past workshops, and groups of painters with their paintings. I base what I teach on my own professional paintings and what I have learned as a painter over the years – see the galleries on this site. 

Workshop Details:

Saturday Daytime Workshops 10.00am – 4.30pm
Held at Findon Village Hall - off the A24 - North of Worthing, West Sussex. BN14 0TA.
The hall is in the main street through Findon. (Click here for location - will open in New Window)

Buffet style lunch, plus tea, coffee, snacks etc provided at no extra cost.

Cost: The fees are:

 £50.00 for the Saturday classes
(a £10 deposit will be required per person)

 PDF 2017 Itinerary and Booking Form

Click here for a Sample Workshop - Boat on a Shingle Beach............

Click here for Old Workshop Details & Images (Opens in New Window)


Workshop Gallery
(Click on any of the images above for a Gallery of all my Workshop Paintings)

The Course Dates

Saturday - Findon Workshops 2017

February 4th 2017 . “Farm Nestling in Snow Clad Hills”- New.
A gorgeous view with a traditional English farmstead as its focal point. A surplus of colour and warmth, with in depth tuition on composing landscape using a view that encapsulates the British Isles in Winter.

March 25th 2017. “Golden Sunset Pier on Shining Wet Sand”.
A Peerless scene with a pier, based on an amazingly tranquil golden sunset, suffused with light. A project which really shows how to use colour and value to bring a scene to life. Achieved using a sequence of simple wet in wet washes.

April 15th 2017. “Spring River Reflections” - New.
The colours of Sunlit Spring. The new greens of May on a warm sunlit morning, with a woodland river reflecting light and shade. All achievable by following the step by step guided process, then you can use these methods in your work.

May 20th 2017. “Beach Shingle with Boat "- New.
How to paint shingle in Watercolour . This amazing technique puts a previously off limits subject at your finger tips. Painting boats, fluttering flags and the sky and ocean on a windy day - all are dealt with here.

June 24th 2017. “Riot of Poppies, Red Poppies, Detail and Texture" - New.
Poppies in their rich and coloured magnificence, as only watercolour can render them - the joy of seeing the flowers and meadow textures appear using techniques easily applied for rendering many types of foliage and foregrounds.

                              September 16th 2017. “Violet, Magenta and Gold Mountains with Deep Lake Reflections".
How to Colour so it takes a life of its own. See the reflections appear. The brilliance of a classic Lakeland scene.

October 14th 2017. “Sparkling Blue Mediterranean Cove and Beach" - New.
Simple washes are all that is required to get the tranquil fusion of sea to shore. As with all these projects, there is help on making the palette replace the hard work, along with eloquent and straightforward artists "secrets".

November 25th 2017. “Shining Autumn Gold Lake with Reflections”- New.
A scene you could find everyday is made to glow bright with autumn colour. How to use value to do this and create wet reflections.

How the Courses Work

Here is how the courses work.

A demonstration is followed by the class painting under guidance from the tutor until that stage is complete and we move on to the next. This is repeated until the painting is complete.

Teaching is from 10.00 am to 4.30pm with a lunch and tea breaks for the Saturday classes and 1.30 pm to 6.00pm with tea breaks for the Wednesday classes. The venues are spacious, with plenty of tables and a kitchen for refreshments, which consist of tea, coffee, biscuits etc.

Paints from scratch
Joe Dowden produces a painting from scratch in stages with full explanations.

Joe has a friendly relaxed way of teaching. We start with a demonstration of the initial stages of the chosen painting. After each demo, all have the opportunity to follow along and complete that stage, while Joe gives each individual some one to one tuition.

This is followed by a demonstration of the next stage, while the group takes a break from painting and watch how the next step of the painting unfolds. The class follows each demonstration, with the practical task of taking their very own painting toward completion, under the artist’s expert guidance.

Designed to build confidence. Everyone is enabled to get a result by the end of the day. You will find not only do you complete a painting, but you will be able to put into practice what you have learned in all your work. There are also numerous tricks, tips and techniques to be learned. You can benefit from Joe Dowden’s professional insights.

He also comes equipped with a painting of the same scene done earlier. With plenty of large coloured prints of this painting, or a photograph for each painter to work from, everyone can see what they are working toward achieving. A very well prepared course.

So how will you remember what you learn?
The answer is in the final touch - printed detailed course notes, which are done for every class, and are written while the original demonstration painting is produced. With numerous additional tips and concepts, and step by step explanations written with the same level of expertise Joe has employed in his numerous art books, these aid the memory when the day is over. (Sample course included on this page)

Each class is subject driven. You get to complete that particular subject on the day. You can use what you learn in all your work. Through practice under confident and friendly tuition you can achieve much. The hope is that you will be able to use what you learn in all your work. The classes are logically arranged in a progression of subjects, but each is “stand-alone”. You can go to one, all, or anything in between.

Happy Painting

Joe Francis Dowden

December 2014

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