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Fulham Society of Artists and Potters - March 2007


"I know it's subjective, but I'm a better watercolour painter today than I was yesterday - and I think I speak for most of the 16 members attending Joe Dowden's Watercolour Demo/Workshop on Friday March 23rd.”

“Joe is a very fine watercolourist, and a magical, water, watercolour artist. But there's more: he is a brilliant teacher and communicator. As a teacher, he is able to both demonstrate his skill and watercolour technique in a methodical, clear, step-by-step process and along the way run an instructive commentary telling you exactly what he's doing with variations and alternative approaches. He adds to all this a cornucopic list of useful tips on equipment, advice on best brushes, colours and paper suppliers, colour mixes and much more.”

"In the morning Joe started painting a seascape at sunset,
using masking fluid to protect later desired whites of the sun and water reflections. He dried it off with a hair dryer and then wet the whole surface with a mop brush. Next he applied glorious yellows, oranges, cobalt blue and burnt sienna, all in a sequence of wet and drying off whilst all the time explaining his actions".


"It was great watching his timing. Questions arose. How wet? When is it just right to put in the colour? He gives you tips on composition, perspective (not just linear but also colour perspective) and considering the light source and it's effects on the elements throughout the whole work. All this was done with ease and confidence, the mark of a man who knows his stuff! One lady member remarked, "he is very generous with his knowledge and teaching" and we all knew what she meant. The painting was duly completed magnificently and we stopped for lunch. Well, almost stopped, as Joe was happy to chat on with all things watercolour"
"After lunch it was our turn to follow in the brush strokes of the master, remembering all we had witnessed in the morning. Joe was along side advising/trouble-shooting etc. and, with his super original in front of us, we set off for the afternoon...

...at the end of the session, we were all ranging from pleasantly surprised to extremely pleased with the results, which I'm sure we'll take forward into our own work.

Thanks Joe, from us all. See you next time”.   

David Lauder


The above is reproduced from an article written by David Lauder, after Joe Francis Dowden's Demonstration and Workshop at The Society of Fulham Artists and Potters, March 23rd 2007. To view the article and pictures visit: 

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Ringwood Art Society, near Bournemouth, UK. January 2008.


Club Night Monday 21 January 2008

Our first club night of 2008 in our new home, the large Greyfriars Hall at Greyfriars Community Centre, was a fantastic success. Even with the extra space, members filled the hall to capacity to watch and listen to our demonstrator of the month, Joe Francis-Dowden. Joe has produced several books and videos demonstrating his watercolour techniques. The topic for this evening was "Painting Water in Watercolour". Joe is known for his realistic watercolours using a "splatter" technique that was fascinating to watch. However, for novices of this method we suggest a mac, wellies and plastic sheeting for a 50' radius - at least! Click on the demonstration pictures to enlarge


The above is taken from an article written after Joe Francis Dowden's Demonstration at Ringwood Art Society, January 21st 2008. For the full article and pictures visit: 

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Paintings by Jane Carle

Sunset, by Jane Carle.
Sunset, by Jane Carle. "This watercolour ‘Sunset’ hangs proudly on my Mum & Dad’s sitting room wall. It was my first ‘proper’ painting and owes a lot to the tutoring skills of Joe Dowden."
From BBC Kent Website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/kent/content/image_galleries/jane_carle_paintings_gallery.shtml?5

12th July 2009 - West Sussex Art Society


Watercolour Demonstration

Details of Joe's event, including pictures, can be found at the following URL: http://westsussexartsociety.blogspot.com/2009/07/joe-francis-dowden.html
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