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DVDs & Videos by Joe Francis Dowden

I have presented and demonstrated on TV and even painted live on radio! I have a friendly, fairly lively approach, born of demonstrating to Art Societies, but I deliver hard edged techniques useful for professional painters.

My Videos and DVD's are all produced and published by Teaching Art Ltd.

Two in One Watercolour - Part 1
Sea, Sky and a Shingle Beach

"Two in One Watercolour" has a shingle beach technique which one of which my friends advised me against revealing. It sorts out foregrounds and the millions of stones on a beach. They look realistic and all in perspective. How do you do it? The technique does it for you. Watch the video.

One piece of advice though - you must use a tough paper. Try Arches 140lb not. You will also need a whole bottle of masking fluid - Winsor & Newton.

Two in One Watercolour - Part 2
Woodland and Water

Produce a labyrinth of textured foliage and a maze of diffusing and exploding colours, as I show you how to build realistic pictures. You will be able to create a sense of depth as well as bring sunlight and reflections into your painting.

Water in Watercolour

Water is a favourite subject of watercolour artists, but it takes some expertise to get it right. I will explain in detail how I create my paintings of water. In easy to follow step-by-step demonstrations, I reveal the colours and techniques you need to produce wonderful watercolours. The beautiful paintings of the natural world reproduced in this video will inspire you to have a go for youselves.

Improve Your Water in Watercolour

It's so easy to improve! Explore the colours and techniques used in painting water. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations.

Painting Water

Watch me demonstrate how to produce three beautiful water scenes at sunset, summer time and during the winter. My friendly manner and helpful advice will have you painting pictures you are completely happy with. Learn splattering techniques and how to produce stunning reflections through the seasons.


The Landscape Painter's Essential Handbook DVD

The DVD covers four projects from my book, The Landscape Painter's Essential Handbook:
Waterfall, Puddles, Blossoms and Sunset Over Low Tide.
The DVD features simple techniques, new to TV and the publishing world.  

Improve Your Twilight Waterscapes

Joe Francis Dowden shows you step-by-step, how to paint a beautiful sunset beach on a cold twilight evening. Joe shows you with ease how to create soft focus reflections and silhouettes of people…some with just a few single brush strokes.

With easy to follow techniques, he shows you how to create movement, add strong contrast and give that feeling of distance, the essential elements to create drama to this wonderful scene.


Ready to Paint Venice

TV Program on Sky, on line, and on DVD. Projects shot in realtime.


Purchasing My DVDs/Videos

You can purchase my DVDs and Videos from amongst others:

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